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Capt. Francisco is the main bread-winner of our family but I also work as a guide to suppliment the family income. Francisco is a patient and excellent fishing guide who also works very well with experienced and novice fly fishermen, but sometimes people want a little extra help and that’s when I can be hired. If you would like me to come onboard for further assistance please let me know in your reservation request.

I’ll fish on our boat the Cuervo Especial with Captain Francisco or you can hire me to guide for you on your boat or another boat that you’ve arranged…

You can hire me as your fly fishing guide if you have already arranged your fishing with another boat/captain/service in Loreto. There are many fly fishermen who visit Loreto who find out that their captain does not know how to handle their needs or cannot speak any English. This happens especially in the summertime. If you are in this situation give me a call and I’ll be happy to help get you into fish on the fly. If you have already set up your Loreto fishing trip or will be part of a group you can hire me. If you are fishing with your wife or significant other who is more comfortable with another woman onboard, or she needs attention so that you can focus on fishing, you can hire me.

If you prefer not to spend your entire trip fishing with me everyday, that’s fine because I know that it takes a day or two to break the ice and bond with your captain before you can really fish well with him. You can hire me for that first day or two while you get to know your captain then fish on your own for the rest of your trip.

If I accompany you fishing on a boat that you have arranged, I will be your personal fly fishing guide and will work in coordination with the boat captain. YOU provide your equipment and I will bring my equipment when necessary (additonal charge). In addition to my equipment I’ll have my own lunch, water, PFD, VHF, first-aid kit, etc. so you don’t have to worry about those things for me.

I ran logistics of panga charters in Loreto for over 20 years so every single captain in Loreto knows me and they treat me like I’m their sister. This is a very unique relationship that no other fly fishing guide in Loreto can offer. I am fluent in Spanish and am a naturalized Mexican citizen.

My daily rate for being a fishing guide (or a tour guide) is $1,800 Mexican Pesos
If you need additional fly fishing equipment the charge is $450 Mexican Pesos per person
For more services please visit the full services menu page

You will have the most success if you know how to cast a flyrod BEFORE you arrive here. Hire a fly fishing guide in your local area and have them teach you how to cast. Your local fly shop is a good resource to go to as they often host casting workshops and are staffed with local guides. Practice makes perfect and the more practice the better. After you learn the basic casts, you will need to learn the “double haul” because its the cast we use most often due to the heavily weighted lines and big gear we fish with. If you would like a list of recommended gear, please request it in the contact form (below).

If you will need casting instruction while you are here, then be sure to arrange it with me ahead of time. I charge $600 MXN for a two hour lesson. If your fishing partner wishes to join there’s no additional charge. Casting instruction will be dependent on the weather (wind speed).

Remember: the better you can cast at the start of your trip, the less time I will need to take out of the fishing day to teach you and the more time you’ll get to fish.

Some Videos with Pamela (while driving client’s own boat):
A dorado on the fly at Loreto, BCS-
Jack Crevalle on the fly at Loreto, Baja California Sur-

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