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We’re a husband and wife team who’s been fishing Loreto for over 30 years. We ran a sport fishing service called The Baja Big Fish Company for 18 years but we’ve since decided to slow down, scale back and work independently. Since making this change we’ve been able to enjoy our beautiful area and our family more than ever. We are truly blessed.

Francisco captains our super panga the “Cuervo Especial” and is an excellent and enjoyable fishing guide. I work as a fly fishing guide and a naturalist/historian local tour guide both on or off the water to add to the family income. We live in Loreto full time where we have our home and are raising and home schooling our children. We love fishing and hope that you enjoy your visit!

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The triggerfish is an under-rated fish. They are a pleasure on the flyrod and light conventional taclke alike. They are small enough to entertain the...
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Bonita, Bonito, Skipjack
Black Skip-jack, and Bonita are often found feeding together during the warm months. The bonita have solid stripes running from head to tail above their...
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Sierra Mackerel
The Sierra Mackerel is a mini Wahoo due to its shape, fast swimming and sharp teeth. This fish that requires a short length (6-8″) of...
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